Cole2k Media - DVD Rip Pack

Cole2k Media - DVD Rip Pack 1.03

A set of tools developed to help you decrypt and resize DVD movies
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Cole2k Media - DVD Rip Pack is a set of tools developed to help you decrypt and resize DVD movies so you can transcode them, or put video back on DVD for different purposes, like for instance to get backups of your favorite DVD movies.

Tools included in this pack:

DVD Decrypter: A DVD decryption software.
ImgTool Classic: ISO program intended for use with DVD Decrypter.
VOBrator: A tool that lets you manipulate VOB files.
VOBsplitter: Tool to let you split VOB video files.
DVD Shrink: A solution that lets you resize DVD movies to fit your needs (comes in three different versions).
I-Media FileMerger: for merging VOB files.

This rip pack is a very nice and useful solution, a great option for advanced users because of the options provided (beginners might feel a bit lost at first), it has all the basic tools to let you rip, resize, split and merge VOB files. This is freeware so you can download and test it at no cost, I recommend you give it a try.

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 98 or higher
Microsoft DirectX 8 or higher
Athlon / Pentium 3 processor or higher
DirectX enabled graphics card

Daniel Verdesoto
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  • Freeware
  • Useful
  • Lots of tools


  • Not easy to use
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